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Sketches, wips, process-stuff and finished pieces.
Remake of an earlier painting of Aria, the deer-girl.
Now this one is supposed to be uploaded to Deviantart in a few hours… if Deviantart somehow magically pops back up from whatever slumber it is in. >__>
I set the deviation to be uploaded via stash on specific time but whether it actually gets uploaded or not is a mystery to me. Let me know if you see it, it’d be nice to know… XnX Since DA apparently works for some people. I haven’t had access for some 24 hours.
Here’s a remake of a few year old Christmas-card. :) My hands were itching  to repaint something old! 
You can find this in my deviantart too ->
Photoshop CC.
Anonymous asked:
LIKE FOR REAL CAN YOU TEACH ME HOW TO PAINT LOL. I love your art style and your painting is amazing and you inspire me to further myself in art. I got PSCS6 as a gift for my B-day but I dont know how to use it OTL. Also, what kind of brushes do you use? D;

I can hardly give any coherent advice since my style keeps changing all the time. =P

The best I can do is say I have some Photoshop painting-tutorials in my Deviantart-gallery, and I will also post those here to my Tumblr in a while! :) My technique and tools have changed since those days tho, but the advice of the tutorials still apply. 

I used to use the standard round brush like many other artists. Recently I’ve tried out the Cubebrush-brush set, and Loish just uploaded her brush-set which seems very promising! Oh and I also bough Kyle T Webster's Ultimate brush-set a while back, the watercolor-brushes are especially lovely! 

In the end it’s simply a matter of testing things to see what suits your style and hand, you’ll surely find the perfect brushes for your style! And usually artists edit their brushes along the way to better and better suit their needs. :) 

It’s Kia the fox-girl again, whoo! She looks different in  every picture, bleh…
Sorry if the colors burn out your eyes.. I wanted to try something brighter. I also tried out Paint tool SAI with this one! Photoshop CC was used for the background though.
I’ll upload this to DA too, and link cross-link them when I do. Please don’t post this elsewhere. :)
Hey folks. I cleaned up my tumblr posts significantly. Removed all sorts of old posts and stuffs (including the most recent issue, I guess it’s been sorted out now) - so now I should do some # labeling and categorizing I guess.
I painted this piece sometime around April this year but am only posting this here now. Will probably post to DA too later this week. I have stared at this long enough now, I guess it’s safe to post and I won’t cringe too badly later on when I see it posted somewhere else. *lol* Sorry, still battling with my “old-art-dislike-ohhowIregreteverpostingthem-arghh”-issues. The cursed combination of perfectionist mind-set and lacking skills…
I used Kyle T Websters watercolor-brushes for this one and this was (I think) the first piece I did with PSCC. :)
ruffresia asked:
Heyy there, yeah Tumblr doesn't work all the time. But thanks so much, that really helps!! I'll definitely check out all the tutorial parts. (I sent you a message on dA cause I wasn't sure if you were even active on Tumblr anymore, but you can disregard that now obvs haha)

Yup yup! I’m glad you asked about the note so I noticed it. :)

And always glad to help (albeit a bit slowly these days..)!

ruffresia asked:
hey there, i think i sent you an ask months ago, and i completely forgot about it, so you might have answered it and i didn't see or got notified? or you might have not gotten it at all, so i thought i'd just ask again. in your drawing 'white claudia' you mentioned something like not having done a proper grayscale. i'm just wondering what you meant by that, i see a lot of artists use that term and i just don't understand why it's beneficial, i don't really understand how it works.

Hey! Sorry, yeah I got your first question here in my notebox! I’m not sure if tumblr has ever notified me of it…. But anyway, to the question: you can check out my tutorial at

In the tutorial you’ll see how the greyscale is done, and if you check out the full tut-series you can see how the technique works.

Basically the benefit of greyscale/grisaille method is that the painting-process is split into various stages;
lines, greyscale (form and dimensions), and colors. :) Sometimes I get so lost with all possible wonderful color-options that I forget to focus on the shape of things. Making the shapes first via greyscaling and then adding colors onto other layer(s) makes things easier (also makes it easier to change color-schemes!)

I hope that helps! Feel free to ask if you have further questions! :)

A new kinda technique, kinda sorta! :D
Finally finished this somethingsomething that I drew a year ago. I bough Kyle Webster’s brushpacks some hours ago and had to try them out. I used the watercolor-brush set for this piece. :) 
I haven’t really had time to paint recently, maybe that’ll change soon… I’m happy that I had a few hours to work on this and paint something for once! :)
Also practicing using Photoshop CC again. 
I managed to finish it, yes! :) Will also post to DA tomorrow!
Lineart by Artratene, painting by me. Character is mine~

Long time no updates… here’s a new piece, ‘White Claudia’.
The character is Lisa Garland from the Silent Hill series, the nurse who looked after Alessa Gillespie just to obtain PTV, a drug made from plant White Claudia, and eventually had to pay a heavy price for it.
I tried a new brush for this piece, it was very refreshing! Didn’t do a proper greyscale, just slapped rough colors and blended like one would with oilpastels. 
Photoshop cs4.
Click here for Deviantart version