1. Had a few free hours this weekend to spend on artsy-fartsy stuff, so I tried out the watercolor-brushes again. I llllove them. And finally I have encountered a smudge-tool that I fully approve of. :)

  2. Finally finished this somethingsomething that I drew a year ago. I bough Kyle Webster’s brushpacks some hours ago and had to try them out. I used the watercolor-brush set for this piece. :) 

    I haven’t really had time to paint recently, maybe that’ll change soon… I’m happy that I had a few hours to work on this and paint something for once! :)

    Also practicing using Photoshop CC again. 

  3. Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill. :)

    First painting with Photoshop CC. *_*

    @ deviantart -> http://juuhanna.deviantart.com/art/Kill-la-Kill-Satsuki-442009106

  4. I managed to finish it, yes! :) Will also post to DA tomorrow!

    Lineart by Artratene, painting by me. Character is mine~


  5. A fellow deviantart-artist Artratene drew me a picture of my character Noah as a birthday-present, and I told her I’ll definitely paint it at some point. Well, that point is now, and I’m about 70-80% done with the painting. :) I hope I can submit the finished piece to DA tomorrow… 

  6. Long time no updates… here’s a new piece, ‘White Claudia’.

    The character is Lisa Garland from the Silent Hill series, the nurse who looked after Alessa Gillespie just to obtain PTV, a drug made from plant White Claudia, and eventually had to pay a heavy price for it. 


    I tried a new brush for this piece, it was very refreshing! Didn’t do a proper greyscale, just slapped rough colors and blended like one would with oilpastels. 

    Photoshop cs4.

    Click here for Deviantart version

  7. Finished her, just on time! Tomorrow’s gonna be a long day, so it was good to get this one done. I have so many wips which I’ll probably never finish ‘cause I’ve left them to collect dust for ages. *n* Oh well, practice practice….

    Will post this to DA next week, after I’ve sorted out messages… so many messages. Many.

  8. It’s been sooooooo long since I’ve drawn stuff. At least it feels like an eternity. So here’s tonight’s random character, some sort of Viera girl I guess? :) 

  9. Trying to take the new painting-style even further… HMMMMHHHHH. 

    As I mentioned earlier, this is a re-draw of an old fugly thing.

    The image below is said old ugly thing… and is so ugly. D:

    And to think I was so happy with how it was turning out back when I was painting it! Annnnd it’s only been a bit over 4 months since I drew it. (I was recovering from an art-slump then, which might explain why I was happy with it… or a passing mental illness-seizure or something…but I’d like to think my standards rise as I learn to make (hopefully) better pictures or something?)

  10. Hi guys, here’s a lil’ Christmas-card for you all! I hope you have peaceful holidays and lovely last days of the year! :) And a good new year too! :D

    Photoshop CS4.


  11. steenze asked: Your art is amazing!

    Thank you! *u*


  12. 911kfc asked: Hello! I was wondering if you've ever checked out the game League of Legends. There are a few characters designs I think you'd really enjoy.

    Nope, I haven’t played it, but I’ve seen a lot of character-art and actually made fanart of Ahri ‘cause I like her design. :) I don’t have time to play games at the moment, but maybe once the schedule is less cramped I’ll be able to try out LoL! 

  13. Testing testing! Old ugly stuff redrawn again, still gotta fix her profile a bit maybe… thinking of adding some kinda black lace-dress, dunno…

  14. Trying out a slightly different painting-style again. :3 She’s a nudist deer-girl aka I can’t think of any nice clothes for her lol! :D

    This was actually originally a hideously hideous painting from early this year, thank goodness I redrew the whole thing. *__*

  15. Trying out a new pencil-like brush for lining… re-draw of an old piece