1. Yep yep, here’s the raffle-prize drawing! I was gonna make it a line-art only, but I actually prefer to do greyscale version instead… takes a little more time, but sometimes I notice horrible mistakes only once I add greyscale, so yeah. Trying to make sure I don’t upload utter crap ahahahaha… >.>

    The character is Xun Jiang, a dragon god who belongs to esperianterra!

    If you want a picture like this of your character for free, keep an eye on my deviantart-journal because I sometimes do contest, raffles and giveaways! :)

    (or you can be a darling and commission me, ehehehe)

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    INSANE FANGIRL SCREAMING. (Also once I have his full deity art (being it an rp game they have growths and stages of...
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